"We are thrilled to have someone as passionate as Jeanette as our first New Zealand Ambassador - Leif Cocks"
The Orangutan Project invites New Zealanders to help save orangutans

NZ Ambassador Jeanette Thomas returns from Sumatra to help save endangered orangutans

New Zealand personality and host of TVNZ's Good Morning Jeanette Thomas, has just returned from the jungles of Sumatra to launch The Orangutan Project (TOP) in New Zealand with TOP President and world-renowned orangutan expert Leif Cocks. TOP is a not-for-profit organisation that supports orang.. Read More

"Dora was confiscated from a Buddhist monastery in North Sumatra in 2011 when she was three years old."
Orphan Orangutan Dora Joins TOP Adoption Program

Dora was originally from Kuala Simpang, Aceh, Sumatra. She was taken to the Batu Mbelin Orangutan Quarantine Centre and weighed approximately 8kg.

TOP's newest ambassador, NZ television personality Jeanette Thomas recently travelled with her impassioned daughter Charlotte, alongside Leif Cocks on a journey to Sumatra where she observed the deforestation first hand by visiting palm oil plantations and the orphan orangutan care centres .. Read More

"There is nothing like seeing the orangutans in their natural habitat"
Travel to Sumatra with TOP President and world renowned orangutan expert Leif Cocks

Can you help save the magnificent orangutan species?

Would you like to help orangutans? Only 1 out of 6 orphans are lucky enough to be rescued - over 1,000 orphaned orangutans are living in rescue and rehabilitation centres. Care of these infants is costly and requires 24hr staff, veterinary, and nurse care to ensure they are in a healthy conditio.. Read More

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