Orangutan Protection Team - COP

The Center for Orangutan Protection (COP) realises the absolute vital importance of protecting rainforest – home for the orangutans and many other species of wildlife. COP is one of the only organisations in Indonesia out there every day investigating and reporting forest crimes.


COP's work takes us all over Kalimantan (Indonesia Borneo), documenting the devastation to forests caused particularly by oil palm companies.

COP regularly file reports with our government and hold protests in Jakarta to raise awareness of the problems.

Below are photos COP have taken of deforestation taking place in Kalimantan.

COP Quarterly Report 2012Q3 19-Nov-2012 COP Quarterly Report 2012Q3 (426 KB)

COP Legal Expenses 19-Nov-2012 COP Legal Expenses (227 KB)