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Mobile Education Unit in Bukit Tigapuluh, Sumatra

As part of the ecosystem protection programme in Bukit Tigapuluh, a Mobile Education Unit (MEU) has been established to educate and to raise public awareness within these communities about the importance of wildlife and the natural environment. Most schools in this region have extremely limited resources that restrict their ability to create learning opportunities. MEU staff have developed educational programs for all levels of schooling, which are then customised to each school and delivered by mobile teaching teams.

Local teachers are provided with information about wildlife, forests and conservation to enable them to continue lessons once the unit has moved on to another school. Activities within the programme include interactive stories, games, puppet shows, while older children also participate in discussions about conservation, climate change and how they can take action. Resources provided to the school include colouring-in sheets, origami, magazines and workbooks.

The greater community is also encouraged to be involved in the MEU program. Movie nights provide insight into the surrounding ecosystem, local wildlife species and the protection work being undertaken. Training is provided to prepare communities for human-wildlife conflict so that local people can act without harming animals (commonly elephants and orangutans), which may enter villages in search of food.

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