Camp Buluh Orangutan Release Site: Lamandau Reserve

The Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, was designated as a conservation area in 1998 by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. Covering an area of about  76,110ha, it is located to the west of Tanjung Puting National Park, and sits on the southern arm of Central Kalimantan. Since 1999, the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve has become a site for the release of ex-captive orangutans into the wild. By mid 2008, 153 orangutans had been released into the Reserve. The release of orangutans into the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve provides a compelling and visible reason to increase the protection of the Reserve, which is large enough to support a viable orangutan population.

The Orangutan Foundation (OF-UK) supports six camps in the Reserve for releasing and monitoring ex-captive orangutans.  Since 2005, the Australian Orangutan Project has been supporting the operation of Camp Buluh on the Buluh River. This is an all male orangutan release site where 12 ex-captive orangutans have so far been released and another three orangutans have been translocated. TOP fully funds the running of Camp Buluh, covering the cost of:

  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Fuel and transportation costs
  • Staff food
  • Orangutan food

TOP has also fully funded the construction of two guard posts (Post Seberung Gaja and Post Danau Burung) within the Lamandau Reserve. The continuing presence of these guard posts and monthly patrols have successfully brought down the number of cases of illegal logging in the area since the start of the project.

Project Leader

Brita swinging at Camp Buluh

Post Seberung Gaja